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Machine learning powered review and collaborative project management, all in one simple, secure interface. Contract review has never been easier.

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Give your team the tools to complete contract review dramatically faster. Have peace of mind that the most critical clauses have been identified. Our software puts the power of highly trained machine learning algorithms at your fingertips for faster, more intelligent contract review.

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Get high-quality contract review done with dramatic speed and efficiency. Manage your projects with ease.
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See how we extract key provisions from legal documents and help you manage your review process.
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Effective Contract Review in 6 Steps

Get from deal kick-off to closing faster. See what’s relevant in your contracts and track your team’s review in real time. Then generate contract summaries of key provisions in your standard template.


1   Add your team

2   Upload your documents

3   See key provisions instantly

4   Assign documents for review

5   Track team progress

6   Generate your contract summaries


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