Diligen is Proud to Sponsor Venture Out

Diligen is proud to sponsor Venture Out, Canada’s first conference for LGBTQA+ inclusion in tech and entrepreneurship. We are excited to connect with students to chat about innovation, entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence, and to spend the day with Toronto’s vibrant tech and startup communities. Attendees are invited to join our workshop, “Artificial Intelligence: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” for an interactive discussion around artificial intelligence. We’ll be discussing what AI can and cannot do, important ethical considerations as well as what AI means for the future of technology.

Diligen is committed to maintaining an inclusive and inviting culture that supports the growth of a diverse team. We value the conversations and exchanging of diverse perspectives promoted by Start Proud and, in particular, appreciate the platform provided by the Venture Out conference.

We would like to thank Venture Out co-founders Jeanette Stock and Stefan Palios and the entire Venture Out team. We’re looking forward to March 27th!

Full details are available at Venture Out’s press release.